Phillip Carpenter

Interaction & User Experience Design


Gather is a holographic mixed reality gathering space for people to collaborate immersively and form meaningful communities through the perception of sharing actual physical presence with each other.

For musical collaborations, the gather system uses Augmented Reality technology to transport a 3 dimensional holographic image of someone and whatever instruments they choose to bring to a musical jam session where other musicians will join them. Using existing technology used in AR devices such as the Microsoft hololens, a person sets up 4 cameras around themselves to map a 3D holographic video image of themselves to be transmitted to the view of other users, and vice versa, bringing others to the user’s current space. Sound is also transmitted to the other locations simultaneously along with the moving holographic 3D image that is capable of being viewed from any angle by simply walking around.

The system features a physical hardware dial that can be affixed to any instrument and automatically maps the instrument to bring up specific options appropriate for that instrument. After mapping is complete, the dial can bring up a contextual interface specific to that instrument that allows easy and quick controls for common tasks such as audio volume, EQ, instrument tuners, virtual sheet music, musical notation aids, recording and playback capabilities. The hardware dial also contains a high quality audio microphone pickup and automatically senses other instruments from other players using an audio-sync feature to ensure that everyone’s sound quality is optimized during the jam, providing a true-to-life realtime shared-space musical collaboration from multiple locations. Gather allows individuals scattered across the world to share meaningful activity in each other’s physical presence in real-time. It allows for individuals to meet when there is some degree of physical restriction (such as disability or distance) keeping them apart.

We would like to provide future friends with meaningful companionship as they explore and improve upon their hobbies and themselves together.

This is what we live for, and this is why we gather.

Team Contributions: "Gather" Design Concept Inception with Team, Story & Scenario Collaborator, Video Prototyping: Cinematographer, Video & Sound Editor, Motion Graphics Team.


SENSE is a pair of sensing glasses that is designed to help read emotions.

It serves as a therapy training tool for people with high-functioning autism to learn and develop a sense of emotional awareness for others.

SENSE is designed for those who struggle with recognizing emotion and social cues. It can be especially helpful for those with specific forms of high-functioning autism, and is targeted towards early intervention in children, although adults can also benefit from it.

The SENSE glasses uses facial recognition software to analyze the emotions of others. Subtle cues are displayed to the wearer to help them recognize and learn to identify the emotional state of others. The wearer takes the SENSE glasses out into a social environment. Used daily for short 30 minute sessions with the help of a special needs teacher, they are meant to be part of a repetitive learning routine for an autistic student. They also record interactions with other students from the wearer’s point of view.

These interactions can be viewed later via the SENSE app. Reviewing with a teacher develops social vocabulary and awareness. This allows the opportunity for clarification of confusing emotional encounters.

In researching this potential space, multiple interviews were coducted with special needs counselors who introduced the design team to a method of emotional recognition training currently in use known as the "Zones of Regulation" curriculum. This curriculum defines facial emotions by colors and uses this catagorization to help younger students who have trouble with interpretting emtions, gain recognition for how different emotions might look. Through review with their teacher, it also provides the opportunity to practice the most appropriate ways to respond to these situations based on the percieved emotional state of others, as well as themselves.

Team Contributions: Research & Interviewing, "SENSE" Design Concept Inception with Team, Story & Scenario Collaborator, Storyboard Illustration, Video Prototyping: Cinematographer, Video & Sound Editor, 3D Anination Team, Motion Graphics Team.

Concept Storyboard Sketches for SENSE: